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Caring for your creative energy: learning to nurture and respect the subtle feminine energy.

How can we harness our creative energy in a way where it can be transformed into a tangible contribution?  I struggle with this question constantly.  It’s a natural feeling, the wanting, the uncertainty, the fear around wondering if it will ever happen or if we even have the energy at all.  But the deeper truth is that we are creativity.  Humans are a product of creation and therefore ARE creation. It is boundless and sourced within us.  


  1. Believing it’s in abundance - Intention and faith are the cornerstones of creativity and cultivating fulfillment.  

  2. Recognizing the fear and anxiety around the idea of creativity as opportunities to cultivate its potential

  3. Turn towards these emotions with a loving and patient attention - rather than becoming hostile around these emotions, recognize them as unpleasant yet allow them to remain in your presence without shaming or blaming. If you notice, shaming or blaming is occurring, turn towards that and practice the same kind attention

  4. Cultivate stillness and let the energy flow and properly marinate - it is skillful to allow the energy to live inside for a time.  Resist the urge to externalize as the energy begins to heighten and alchemize

  5. Apply inquiry and curiosity to the flow.  Is there a specific emotion that continues to arise? Can you name and drop into the body, and notice where it lives? Can you develop an intimate attention and relationship with the physical without abandoning or judging?  

  6. Once you become familiar with this sensation and it becomes less aversive to your awareness, you can begin to inquire deeper into its root, perhaps the first time you felt this physical sensation.  

  7. Often these roots are deeply protected and can take many weeks and months to uncover, but once uncovered with a friendliness, care and patience, we can begin to nurture them with a new mature awareness, thus providing the perfect fertilizer for our creativity to grow



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