meet the heart of the heart practice

Alana Kessler

Alana Kessler, MS, RD, CDN, CYT, Ayurvedic Specialist is the Founder, Owner and Director of Sangha Yoga Shala, a community yoga and wellness boutique located in New York City.  Steadfast in her passion for healthy living, Alana obtained a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and a bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics from New York University.  Utilizing her 16 years of yoga practice as a foundation, Alana has curated a unique niche as a progressive entrepreneur, blending the values of yoga with the discipline of leadership. Her work ethic and passion to inspire others is unmatched, and equal in its pure intention.

Alana founded The Heart Practice in 2015 as a passion project inspired by her personal excavations of the heart and explorations of the soul. The mission to connect individuals in collective inquiry, compassion and presence. 

 “The impulse to understand how I co-exist in nature and with nature became a seed that now informs my entire life. I love this practice for its consistency and vast support of the changing nature of life. This practice doesn’t ask you to sacrifice or change, instead it balances out the life that is right here, moment to moment.”
– Alana Kessler

A few years after her initial introduction to Ayurveda, meditation and yoga, Alana found herself in a space of poor mental and physical health marred with oxymorons: constantly fatigued yet anxious and obsessive, dry skin yet pale and puffy. Feeling frustrated and confused, least vibrant energetically than ever before, she set out for a change.

It was then Alana introduced these practices as a commitment into her daily routine. She let go of the need to understand and surrendered to embodying this lifestyle with consistency. As the months went, huge shifts in energy, body and mind ensued. A newfound, fluid rhythm was attained leaving her healthier than ever before.

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